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A photo of me (2009).

Christian Symmank:

* born 06. Juli 1971 in Wittingen
* grown up in Hankensbüttel
* resident in Düsseldorf

* Summer '74 - Summer '77 : Kindergarten Hankensbüttel
* Summer '77 - Summer '81 : Primary School Hankensbüttel (Karl-Söhle-Schule)
* Summer '81 - Summer '83 : Orientierungsstufe (class 5 + 6) Hankensbüttel
* Summer '83 - Summer '90 : Secondary School Hankensbüttel
* Spring '90 : Abitur (school leaving examination)

* 01. July 1990 to the German Armed Forces, Hammerstein-Barracks in Wesendorf
* in the 2. Panzer-Bataillon 331 trained to be driver, class F (tracked vehicles, tanks)
* tank driving (Marder) until 30. June 1991

* Summer '91 matriculated at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-University in Münster for the subject physics
* autumn '99 finally finishing the studies after some unforeseen retarding during the progress

* 01. September '99 first job in the section support and quality assurance with Telesoft GmbH in Starnberg
* 13. September '00 change to InfoTeSys GmbH in Düsseldorf.
* 01. January '07 temporarily jobless
* 15. January '07 short-term employment as freelancer for SAP-data-entry in the distribution service of the Handelsblatt
* 10. April '07 employment as softwaretester (temp-work) with Ricoh International B.V.

my entry at Xing (german)

Here it goes to my hobbies.
(Handball, The three Investigators, Pfennigs, Reading).

The happening of my birth took place on 06. July 1971 around approximately 7 o'clock 20 minutes.
My size amounted to 52cm and increased in the course of the years to 190cm.
My weight amounted to approximately 3500g and also increased a little bit.
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Hankensbüttel is a very pretty village in the south of the Lüneburger Heide. It is located in the center of the triangle, which is streched by Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover.
The most well-known object of interest is the Otterzentrum. The Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V. concerns itself with the study of the otter as well as their habitat and engages itself therefore strongly in environmental protection. Thus large sections of the Ise (tributary of the Aller) were restored to their natural origin.
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Düsseldorf is the capital of the federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen. The old part of town with its over 260 pubs, international restaurants, discotheques and und night clubs provides a lot of alternation as "longest bar of the world".
What's going on otherwise in this 565000-inhabitants-city, is to be experienced hier (activities, news).
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The Abitur (school leaving examination) passed off amazingly easy. Cause of lazyness I got into a manner of minimum of expenditure in learning and preparing. Nevertheless the result was an average of 2,1 after all. Today I'm angry about myself, because I gave away a lot of possibilities and hadn't approximately used my capabilities.
At the Secondary School Hankensbüttel every Abitur class was provided with a letter. As we entered the stage of the last three years, the actual letter was the N (our website). This fact and the advertising slogans of two broadcast stations inspired to the Abi message: "Na, denn SEK II N, das Beste am Norden!" ("Well, then SEK II N, the best of the north!")
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When we began with basic training with the German Armed Forces the duration of the basic military service amounted to still 15 months. But after few weeks it was certain, that we will be the first class with only 12 months basic military service.
After completing this year, this battalion as well as another was restructured into a training battalion with 1300 people. Meanwhile the location is discussed getting closed.
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The written examinations of the lectures in the different subjects for the intermediate tests were quite harmless and I standed all the tests without any problems. At all times I had some problems with the verbal examinations. Because of big nervousness I failed quite clearly at first, but in the end I weathered the situation.
Later the suicide of a friend was a hard cut. Additionally after intermediate tests the connection of our group broke. As a consequence of this I took a small timeout and so finished my studies a little bit later as planned before - stupidly the project, the diploma thesis was about, got canceled.
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Since there was nothing to get in the section of nuclear, particle, high energy physics after the completion of my studies, I had entered myself with a job exchange service in the internet. Short time later - on 22. August '99 - I got an email of the Telesoft GmbH, which looked someone up for the support. Already on 24. August '99 I was there to the interview and on 1. September '99 I started the job.
In August '00 the parent company CPU Softwarehouse AG decided a complete restructuring of the Telesoft GmbH and most of the projets were stopped. Thereupon all staffers began to search a new job. I found accommodation with the InfoTeSys GmbH in Düsseldorf.
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A supproject of the Telesoft GmbH, the BTX decoders VipZka and WinTool for SFIRM and DATEV and the support for it (at this time also Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Sage/KHK, Intuit were partners), were taken over by the InfoTeSys GmbH. Thus I likewise changed the place and continued the support and the quality assurance for two remaining products.
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Due to my upcomming unemployment in the beginning of the year 2007, several friends have tried to deliver ideas and suggestions. It was a great support. Through one friend, who work in Düsseldorf with the Handelsblatt I got the opportunity to begin as a freelancer in the distribution service and to support the team by entrering SAP data. It was a ideal possibility to learn something new - the SAP-client -, instead of staying at home most of the time more or less without doing anything, while looking for a new job. So the bottom line is, that I was jobless just during two weeks.
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After a partly depressing job search, which turned out to be very sagging, primarily because of at that time I prefered to stay in Düsseldorf and the opportunities seemed to be quite limited, I accepted an offer of a temporary employment company, to begin as tester with the printer manufacturer Ricoh. Unfortunately, the very pleasent work environment can not deceive completely, that there is a lack of potential for development. So this probably will be just an interesting and facinating, but temporarily limited period.
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In case of questions or suggestions just write an Email to me.

Nothing more to come! (-to the top-)

As I said! (-to the top-)