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Informations about the society for high intelligent people

What is Mensa?
What is Mensa doing?
How can you join Mensa?
What is intelligence?
Where can I address myself to?

What is Mensa?

Mensa, founded in 1946 in Oxford, is a worldwide union of about 100000 bright people, at present, in 85 countries, thereof more than 4000 in Germany. The goal of Mensa is, to bring together bright people - by local, nationalwide and international gatherings as well as groups of interests and discussions.

For that there exist in more than 50 cities in whole Germany monthly regulars' tables, where Mensans and guests are meeting together, to talk about everything what is moving them, in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere.

The several days lasting, taking place yearly, nationalwide events like the Berlin summer party, the big Silvester party and the memberance gathering are such popular, that Mensans from abroad travel there specially to join.

The particular of it? In Mensa bright people can let their thoughts flow free - unaccustomed mental leaps, ludicrous theories and quibbling wordplays here do not only produce wonderment, but find sondern auf eager takers.

Not to constrain the diversity of opinion inside the association, Mensa itself takes no stand on political or religious issues, but rather has pledged itself to stringent neutrality.

So Mensa features the framework - the members themselves have to fill it with live. Because of that is a lot of fun, many members are engaged complimentary vin the society. That is why the range of activitites is very diversified, and the list permanently grows longer and longer - everyone can take part, but nobody has to participate.

If someone has time and feels like to go to gatherings, if she or he is sociable or more reserved, dos not play a role concerning the affiliation to and for the acceptance inside of the association. In the case you want to get an impression, you are heartly welcome to visit with us during a regulars' table.

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What is Mensa doing?

For its members Mensa features completely miscellaneous events and possibilities in contacting:
  • Gatherings: regulars' tables, local and nationalwide gatherings, doing together attempts as sightseeings, feasts, brain-teasers, role-playings and other games, a lot of daffing inclusively.

  • The magazine for members Mind-Magazin is published bimonthly. It brings news about Mensa activities, reports, international Mensa-news, article for discussions, mental exercises, humor and more.

  • local magazines: These mostly monthly sent lokal news contain hints to dates and gatherings in a special region.

  • mailinglists and newsgroups are offering on a regional, national and international level a possibility to stay in contact with each other also outside the gatherings or to find people for mutual attempts respectively the exchange about a special subject.

  • Spezial-Interest-Groups (SIGs): Here Mensans with the same preferences align with each other. In Germany there exist SIGs with the subjects philosophy, mathematics, sailing, dancing, literature, wordplays and many further groups.

  • SIGHT: This program fosters getting new acquaintances cross over national borders. In behind stand the possiblity for members during their vacation to get to know other Mensans, who like to play tourist guide or private hosts and contrariwise the possibility to accommodate foreign guests.

  • social networks: MinD has developed several networks, for example for students or for the well directed choice of the profession.

  • young Mensans: For children and und adolescents there are particular offers - MensaKids and Junior Mensa -, which are featured regionally as spare time during the holidays and during the wohle year, as well.
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How can you join Mensa?

For the admission to the association a particular intelligence quotient (IQ) is neccessary. Everyone can join, who have attained a better score than 98 percent of the general population would achieve on an approved and supervised intelligence test. At the IQ-scale that is current in Germany that case applies with an IQ of at least 130.

There are no other criterias for membership eligibility. That's why you will find miscellaneous people with Mensa and interested as well as interesting conversational partners for practically each subject.

For potential members of a minimum age of 14 years Mensa offers group tests in many cities; also single tests supervised by a graduate psychologist can be accepted.

Visitors at gatherings are always welcome. Noboby will ask them to tell their IQ - by the way even among themselves Mensans do this very rarely.

Why an association for high intelligent people

With Mensa people get acquainted with others, who have only one common characteristic - a high IQ. Otherwise they came from all groups of age and have complete miscellaneous personal and occupational backgrounds. Due to this diversity the circle of acquaintances will expand by interesting people, who you probably never would have met otherwise.

The acquaintance with other highly bright people makes it possible for Mensans to exchange in a manner, many of them feel as liberating and natural. Nobody can describe this exactly, but most of the members and the visitors of Mensa gatherings know at once, what is meant. Here they can loose the "mental brake" - in chats about everyday life's subjects likewise. For this reason Mensa is for many members an embosomed completion for the general circle of friends and acquaintances.

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What is intelligence?

There is no such think as a undisputable definition of the term intelligence. Not just laypersons, but even experts have very different hiedene imaginations about this term. That's why we prefer the way of the purists of science who mean: "Intelligence is, what the test measures".

The intelligence quotient (IQ) was defined by scientists, to be able to make statements about the relative intelligence of people. The intelligence quotient is the result of a measurement made with the aid of an intelligence test.

Not each method is using the same scale, that's why you have to know the, to be able to evaluate an achieved result. There is no difference as in the case of the indication of temperatures: The measured value "20 degrees" does not say anything, as long as it is not clarified, if you mean Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Who IQ and intelligence are connected?

Often the IQ ist understood as indicator for intelligence. Of course a test only can highlight of partial aspects of the intelligence, for example the capability in thinking logically and imaginating sterically.

In contrast other aspects of the mental capability avoid themselves against standardized methods of analysis. That applies to the creativity, but as well as to the so-called social intelligence, which a person exhibits in the interaction with other people.

In spite of the known deficiencies IQ-tests remain the the best instrument of analysis, that is to ours disposal at the moment.

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Where can I address myself to?

Informations about Mensa in Deutschland e.V. in your neighborhood you can get from the local contact person. A list of the contact persons you can find under:
For common questions about Mensa in Deutschland e.V. the branch office is at yours disposal:
Manifold general informations about Mensa, among other things also dates and possibilities for registration for our qualifying test you can find in the web under:
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In case of questions or suggestions just write an Email to me.

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