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George Symank

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On this site you can find the descendants I know of George Symank (born ???) and his wife Christiane Schulze (born ???).

At the moment five families named Sy-i-m(m)ank are known, that emigrated in the 19. century into the USA.
Actually, no connection to my my family could be found.

In case of some mistakes or gaps, I would be glad to get informed about corrections or completions from you.

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First Ancestors:

I) Georg SSYMANK (born: 1810 in Neudorf an der Spree)
oo Christiane SCHULZE (born: 1813 in Burk,Hoyerswerda)

II) Johann SSYMANK (born: 1840 in Neudorf an der Spree)

oo Anna KORCH (born: 1844 in Lohsa)
III) Johann August SYMMANK (born: 1879 in ?)

oo Christiane Rusina BALLACK (born: 1878 in ?)
IV) Paul Johann SYMMANK (born: 1903 in Boblitz)

oo Hedwig BOMBACH (born: 1905 in Sohland)
V) Renate SYMMANK (born: 1935 in Ebendörfel)

oo Kurt MIEDEK (born: 1933 in Nassadel,Schlesien)
VI) Ilona MIEDEK (born: 1955 in Bautzen)

VI) Petra MIEDEK (born: 1956 in Ebendörfel)

VI) Jutta MIEDEK (born: 1958 in Ebendörfel)

VI) Olaf MIEDEK (born: 1965 in Bautzen)

VI) Dirk MIEDEK (born: 1965 in Bautzen)

V) Margot SYMMANK (born: 1941 in Ebendörfel)

oo Helmut NEITSCH (born: 1937 in ?)

IV) Else SYMMANK (born: 1905 in Boblitz)

oo Max ZAUTE (born: 1901 in ?)
V) Gerhart ZAUTE (born: 1924 in ?)

V) Ruth ZAUTE (born: 1926 in ?)

V) Elli ZAUTE (born: 1933 in ?)

oo Manfred MÜLLER (born: 1932 in ?)

IV) Alma Martha SYMMANK (born: 1906 in Boblitz)

IV) Frieda Anna SYMMANK (born: 1909 in ?)

IV) Hermann Ernst SYMMANK (born: 1911 in Boblitz)

IV) Ernst Max SYMMANK (born: 1913 in Boblitz)

oo Else GNEUSS (born: ? in ?)
oo Erna ADLER (born: 1918 in ?)
V) Heinz-Jürgen SYMMANK (born: 1946 in ?)

oo ??? ??? (born: ? in ?)
VI) ??? SYMMANK (born: ? in ?)

IV) Walter Felix SYMMANK (born: 1914 in Boblitz)

oo Ingeborg TODT (born: 1920 in Danzig-Langfuhr)
V) Wolfgang Walter SYMMANK (born: 1947 in Wittingen)

oo Christa Johanna Magdalena BUSSE (born: 1946 in Wittingen)
VI) Christian SYMMANK (born: 1971 in Wittingen)

VI) Corinna SYMMANK (born: 1975 in Wittingen)

oo Karsten SCHULZE (born: 1968 in ?)
VII) Philipp SCHULZE (born: 2001 in Wittingen)

VII) Sophie SCHULZE (born: 2004 in Wittingen)

V) Christiane SYMMANK (born: 1954 in Wittingen)

oo Helmut SCHULENBURG (born: 1954 in ?)
VI) Kerstin SCHULENBURG (born: 1975 in ?)

oo Michael REINHARDT (born: ? in ?)

VI) Ulrike SCHULENBURG (born: 1982 in ?)

oo Björn SCHEERER (born: ? in ?)
VII) Timo SCHEERER (born: 2001 in ?)

VI) Joachim SCHULENBURG (born: 1986 in ?)

IV) Max Karl SYMMANK (born: 1916 in Boblitz)

oo Christa ??? (born: 1927 in ?)
V) Birgit SYMMANK (born: 1955 in ?)

oo Margot ??? (born: ? in ?)
V) Ursula SYMMANK (born: 1947 in ?)

IV) Johann Gerhard SYMMANK (born: 1920 in Boblitz)

IV) Arthur Walter SYMMANK (born: 1921 in Boblitz)

III) Ernst SYMANK (born: ? in ?)

oo Anna ??? (born: ? in ?)
IV) Gertrud SYMANK (born: ? in ?)

oo Arthur GRIMM (born: ? in ?)
V) Jürgen GRIMM (born: ? in ?)

III) Maria SYMANK (born: 1882 in Holscha)

oo Paul PETRASCH (born: 1882 in Trado)
IV) Martha PETRASCH (born: 1908 in ?)

oo Hans SCHIEMANN (born: 1908 in ?)
V) Horst SCHIEMANN (born: ? in ?)

V) Werner SCHIEMANN (born: ? in ?)

V) Inge SCHIEMANN (born: ? in ?)

oo Fritz WINTER (born: ? in ?)

IV) Johann Ernst PETRASCH (born: 1910 in ?)

IV) Emma PETRASCH (born: 1911 in ?)

oo Richard RIEDEL (born: 1903 in ?)
V) Emma Ingeborg RIEDEL (born: ? in ?)

oo Rudi BERNDT (born: ? in ?)

V) Siegfried RIEDEL (born: ? in ?)

IV) Paul Erich PETRASCH (born: 1914 in ?)

III) Auguste SYMANK (born: 1888 in Holscha)

oo ??? ??? (born: ? in ?)
IV) Margarete SYMANK (born: 1916 in Holscha)

oo Kurt SYNDE (born: 1908 in Bautzen)
V) Anita SYNDE (born: 1943 in Holscha)

oo Günter KOZOJED (born: 1944 in Bautzen)
VI) Guntram KOZOJED (born: 1973 in Bautzen)

VI) Gerit KOZOJED (born: 1976 in Bautzen)

oo Paul LEHMANN (born: ? in ?)
V) Manfred SYMANK (born: 1938 in Holscha)

oo Ingeborg WOLF (born: 1936 in Bautzen)
VI) Dirk-Tilo SYMANK (born: 1963 in Holscha)

oo Cornelia BUSCH (born: 1965 in Belgershain)
VII) Ann-Isabelle SYMANK (born: 1990 in Bautzen)

VII) Jana-Franziska SYMANK (born: 1994 in Bautzen)

VI) Ina-Yvonne SYMANK (born: 1962 in Holscha)

oo Peter SCHUDACK (born: 1962 in Commerau)
VII) Jan-Philipp SCHUDACK (born: 1986 in Bautzen)

VII) Marie-Josephine SCHUDACK (born: 1991 in Bautzen)

II) Anna SSYMANK (born: ? in ?)

oo Andreas MAKATSCH (born: 1846 in ?)
III) Karl August MAKATSCH (born: 1876 in Steinitz,Lohsa)

III) Helene MAKATSCH (born: 1879 in Steinitz,Lohsa)

III) Johann August MAKATSCH (born: 1887 in Steinitz,Lohsa)

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