Pictures of the Mandelbrot-Set

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Picture 9 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,7406257 0,1580587
Maximum -0,7406255 0,1580589
Difference 0,0000002
This picture shows the black mark, which now almost seems somewhat three-dimensional, cause of the spirallike pattern.
A component of this pattern is now to be enlarged. You find it in the left upper quarter of the picture, it is third from left and second from above.

Picture 10 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,740625660 0,158058849
Maximum -0,740625641 0,158058868
Difference 0,000000019
This picture again shows again the crown-like structure without trunk, which occurs very frequently altogether.
In the center of the picture you again can discover a small lying S, which is to be enlarged in the following.

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Bild 11 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,740625651 0,158058859
Maximum -0,740625649 0,158058861
Difference 0,000000002
This picture now again shows a lying S, which almost seems to be identical to the structure of its predecessor.
In order to check this fact, for the next picture the black mark in the center of the figure will be enlarged again.

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Picture 12 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,7406256503 0,15805885955
Maximum -0,7406256499 0,15805885995
Difference 0,0000000004
This picture does not show now this time "expected" Mandelbrot-Set-like figure. But with little bit of imagination it looks as if two Mandelbrot-Set-like figures would have grown together at their bottems.
However the verification is not very easy, because due to the necessary computational accuracy the computing time would increase "explosionlike".

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