Pictures of the Mandelbrot-Set

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Picture 5 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,74071 0,15796
Maximum -0,74052 0,15815
Difference 0,00019
This picture shows the lying S that looks as it would have a similar structure as the trunk.
Rather exactly in the center of the picture you see a black mark, with four short ends. This mark is to be enlarged now.

Picture 6 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,740600 0,158030
Maximum -0,740645 0,158075
Difference 0,000045
This picture shows, the black mark, whose end again looks again like the trunk.
The black mark in the center again shows the structure of a Mandelbrot-Set, and for the next picture is to be enlarged once again.

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Picture 7 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,740630 0,158046
Maximum -0,740612 0,158064
Difference 0,000018
This picture again clearly shows the character of the Mandelbrot-Set, this time surrounded by a quantity of fine stuctures.
From the left upper quarters of the picture a section will be enlarged now. This part is to be found about perpendicularly above the top at the height of the arm of the figure.

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Picture 8 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,7406265 0,158058
Maximum -0,7406245 0,158060
Difference 0,000002
This picture again shows a figure, which resembles the crown from one of the first pictures. Only the trunk seems to be missing.
For the next picture now the large black mark in the center is to be enlarged including its environment.

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