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  1. Stalaktits behave to Stalakmits such as ceiling to
    a)Roof b)Floor c)Window d)Cave

  2. A quadrat behaves to a cube such as a circle to
    a)Pyramid b)Cone c)Ball d)Octagon

  3. Books are for libraries such as weapons for
    a)Tents b)Cannons c)Soldiers d)Arsenals

  4. Medal behaves to bravery such as wages to
    a)Money b)Work c)Hours d)Trade unions

  5. Tor behaves to rot such as Neger to
    a)schwarz b)braun c)Schnee d)Regen

  6. Car behaves to Gasoline such as Human being to
    a)Calories b)Energy c)Food d)Fuel

  7. Clouds are for rain such as spring for
    a)a River b)an Ocean c)the Weather d)the Water

  8. £ behaves to Great Britain such as ¥ to
    a)China b)Yemen c)Japan d)Australia

  9. Wimbledon is for Tennis such as Pebble Beach for
    a)Swimming b)Running c)Sailing d)Golf

  10. Gutenberg behaves to printing such as Mercator to
    a)Books b)Chemistry c)Topographic maps d)Astronomy

  11. Silver behaves to metal such as Oats to
    a)Cereals b)Horses c)Flakes d)Muesli

  12. A well behaves to a cellar like a cave to a
    a)Hill b)Room c)Valley d)River

  13. Solar behaves to the sun as terrestrial to
    a)Earth b)Star c)Moon d)Planet

  14. Geleis behaves to Siegel such as Tafel to
    a)Tisch b)Falte c)Heft d)Griffel

  15. Zeus behaves to Jupiter such as Hermes to
    a)Merkur b)Uranus c)Pluto d)Mars

  16. Daimler is for cars such as Hughes for
    a)Motorcycles b)Zeppelins c)Ships d)Airplanes

  17. Spain is for Argentina, which Portugal is for
    a)Colombia b)Brazil c)Mexico d)Guyana e)Chile

  18. Celsius behaves to 0° such as Fahrenheit to
    a)100° b)32° c)10° d)72° e)37°

  19. Leben behaves to Nebel such as Mais to
    a)Same b)Heu c)Getreide d)Siam e)Feld

  20. Sandwich behaves to Bouillon such as Hertz to
    a)Meter b)Second c)Atü d)Curie e)Pasteur

  21. Rich behaves to money such as many leaves to
    a)Bunch b)Tree c)Clover d)Flower e)Foliage

  22. 1789 is for France such as 1649 for
    a)Germany b)Switzerland c)New Zealand d)USA e)England

  23. The letter A behaves to E such as B to
    a)C b)D c)G d)H e)L

  24. Fury behaves to Black horse such as Lassie to
    a)Mastiff b)Shepherd dog c)Collie d)Beagle e)Retriver

  25. "The Raven" is for Poe such as "Gone with the Wind" für
    a)Keats b)Mitchell c)Robbins d)Sand e)Eliot

  26. Star behaves to Constellation such as Constellation to
    a)Sky b)Asteroids c)Suns d)Meteorites e)Milky Way

  27. Onions behave to leek such as crocus to
    a)Saffron b)Roses c)Tulips d)Lilac e)Carnations

  28. Reagan is for Carter such Truman for
    a)Ford b)Jackson c)Johnson d)Roosevelt e)Kennedy


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