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  1. Under which name you know François Marie Arouet better?

  2. Under which name you know Domenikos Theotocopoulus better?

  3. Under which name you knowe Samuel Clemens better?

  4. Where are you, if you had to pay the restaurant bill in Forint?

  5. Where are you, if you had to pay the hotel bill in Markka?

  6. Who traveled in the novel of Jules Verne in 80 days around the world?

  7. To which fairy tale does the speaking bread belong?

  8. Which kind of organisms achieves the largest life span?

  9. Which is the easternmost state of the USA?

  10. If you commit Uxorizid, whom have you killed then?

  11. What would you be, if you were a Lykanthrop?

  12. In the Roman mythology she was called Venus. Which name did she carry in Greece?

  13. Cortez conquered Mexico. Who conquered Peru?

  14. Where is Karl Marx buried?

  15. What measures a Dolorimeter?

  16. If you suffered from Treskaidekaphobie, of what would you be scared?

  17. How is the river in the Greek mythology called, which forms the boundary to the underworld?

  18. How is the old Roman province Lusitania called today?

  19. How did F.M. de Lesseps become famous?

  20. Call at least two channel islands between England and France!


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