Pictures of the Mandelbrot-Set

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Picture 1 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,80 0,12
Maximum -0,72 0,20
Difference 0,08
This picture shows on the right side a big group of ball males, however these figures also have a crown-like hat with a trunk on the head.
One of these trunk males is now to be partially enlarged. For that the middle of the five figures was selected. About half of the solid body was cut off.

Picture 2 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,750 0,145
Maximum -0,735 0,160
Difference 0,015
This picture essentially shows the crown of the trunk male, which is composed of several jets. At the ends of these jets are things, which resemble sea-horses.
If you watch along the trunk, you'll discover a black mark in the center of the picture. That mark again proves when enlarged as an figure like the Mandelbrot-Set.
For the next picture the rolled up end of the trunk is to be enlarged.

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Picture 3 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,742 0,156
Maximum -0,739 0,159
Difference 0,003
This picture shows the end of the trunk, which is composed of resembling figures. These will be become smaller and smaller and are situated on a spiral.
One of these items is now to be enlarged, namely the third from left, which is situated in the center of the picture.

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Picture 4 X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Minimum -0,7408 0,1578
Maximum -0,7400 0,1586
Difference 0,0008
This picture shows one of the components, of which the trunk consists.
In the center of the left lower quarter of the picture you find a figure, which looks like a lying S. This Part will be enlarged for the next picture.

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